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Low level laser therapy

Every Human Cell Contains Thousands of Mitochondria which are like tiny power plants that deliver energy to the cells in your body. It’s been clinically proven that low-intensity laser therapy stimulates specific enzymes within the mitochondria for more cellular energy and numerous beneficial results.

Increased cellular energy production can decrease pain, inflammation and swelling, and promote better muscle, cartilage, tendon, and ligament healing by accelerating tissue regeneration. Simply put, low-intensity laser therapy “turns back the clock” for the cells in your body. No matter which of these problems are affecting you, BIOFLEX low-intensity laser technology is the therapeutic answer you’ve been searching for.

Massage therapy with experience therapist with 29 years behind her belt.  Kathy graduated from Darcy Lane Institute in 1993. Is certified in Hot stone therapy, micro-point stimulation for pain therapy and scar release therapy.

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