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Laser Hair Removal

Almost pain free with a cool tip that numbs the skin, and heat targets the pigment in the follicle to cause thermal damage.  Depending on your Fitzpatrick scale the average number of treatments are 6-8 

 Body Contouring

Melt your fat away just like heating coconut oil and drink plenty of water to safely excrete. This takes a series of treatments that depends on your goals.  Skin tightening is a component of the treatment.


Facials can be a lifestyle choice or a casual spring and fall tune up. What ever your needs, there is a facial just for you! Product line used for our facials is diego dalla palma. Technologies that can be used for your facial are microdermabrasion, intense pulsed light rejuvenation, pigmented, and vascular treatments, and Yag laser skin resurfacing.


Low level laser helps remove pain by reducing inflammation. It targets the mitochondria of the cell and causes a cascade of healing responses. These responses can increase healing potential by 100%.


Swedish massage is the technique, this massage can be very relaxing, or deep tissue..

Hot stone therapy is also available. Hot stones are placed down your spine to start, while the legs are being massaged with the stones in the therapists hands. The stone on the back are then removed, and the back is worked on, then neck, and so on depending on the results your looking for and the duration.

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